Eloisa Rubio-Beltrán, MSc

Eloisa Rubio-Beltrán, MSc

I am currently doing my PhD at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As part of the 1st generation of the School of Advanced Studies of the European Headache Federation (EHF‑SAS), I had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of two reviews published in the thematic series “Hot topics in headache and pain from the EHF-SAS” in the Journal of Headache and Pain , being first author in one of them:

Blocking CGRP in migraine patients – a review of pros and cons. Deen et al, 2017.

PACAP38 and PAC1 receptor blockade: a new target for headache?. Rubio-Beltrán et al, 2018.







4th School of Advanced Studies

After my participation, I have been invited as faculty member of the 4th EHF-SAS meeting and as reviewer for the Journal of Headache and Pain. Also, I had presented the reviews I was involved in the EHF Congresses (Rome 2017 and Florence 2018) and was invited as chairman in the EHF Congress in Florence.
I am really grateful to Paolo Martelletti for giving me the chance to participate in the EHF‑SAS. Not only I have broaden my knowledge about migraine but I have also had the chance to meet other scientists in the migraine field, build professional networks and interact with the researcher I would like to work after I finish my PhD. Moreover, being invited as a reviewer, as speaker for the EHF-SAS and as chairman has helped me greatly in my professional growth.











EHF Congress, Florence 2018

Alejandro Labastida-Ramírez, MSc

I am doing a PhD at the Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I was part of the first School of Advanced Studies of the European Headache Federation (EHF-SAS), Rome, 2017, which promotes international collaboration between attendants and resulted in the preparation of two review articles in the Journal of Headache and Pain

Triptans and CGRP blockade – impact of the cranial vasculature. Benemei et al, 2017.
Migraine and cluster headache – the common link. Vollesen et al, 2018.









First School of Advanced Studies meeting, Rome, 2017.

Additionally, I participated as faculty member of the EHF-SAS 5th meeting (lecture on emerging migraine treatments) and the European Headache Federation 2018 (e-poster discussant).








5th School of Advanced Studies

Attending the first SAS-EHF gave me the opportunity to establish new international collaborations, which are essential in an early scientific career; moreover, the EHF Congress allowed me to meet in person a renowned international scientist, with whom I would like to do a postdoc and continue doing research in the headache field.