David García Azorín – Headache Fellow

Knowledge about headache disorders is increasing in an exponential way. Their prevalence and burden should place them into a priority position and trained physicians are needed for both continuing the research and taking care of all headache sufferers. Learning the most recent updates and hearing complex explanations from some of the international leaders on the field is a great opportunity for neurologists in training and fellows. It is also inspiring to hear how did they worked hard to reach their positions, when even they say that one day, some of us will be on that side of the classroom.  


Another important advantage of the School of Advanced Studies is the opportunity to participate in a research project. One of the limitations that many young neurologists have, is the lack of research background and with the SAS, senior researchers supervise and help a group of international fellows in a research project. Apart from all the great publications in the Journal of Headache and Pain, we had the opportunity to present them in an international congress and what is more important: we started a network and a friendship that should bring many other research projects and initiatives.

I encourage the European Headache Federation to keep on this initiative. Dedicating time, attention and resources to the young specialists is it not an easy task but it will be necessary to place Headache Disorders in the top of the Neurology.