Master in Headache Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Academic Year 2016-2017 – 14th Edition

The Master in Headache Medicine has been activated for its 14th Edition, endorsed by the European Headache Federation (EHF) and operating in tight collaboration with the European Pain Federation (EFIC) Campaign against Headache.

The educational plan includes frontal lectures, clinical seminar with tutorial support and mid-term evaluations. The multimedial platform Moodle will allow to attend the online program and to complete of the self-assessment tests at the end of each module, as basis of the interactive learning. The Master students will be able to attend the outpatient and daily hospitalization wards of the Regional Referral Headache Centre at Sant’Andrea Hospital. The expert tutors will teach, support and facilitate the most innovative therapeutic techniques and technologies in order to acquire decision-process skills in the headache diagnosis and management.

Students requiring distance learning can access to a 25% reduction of the necessary credits in order to take the final exam and thesis.

Master’s virtual library is rooted on the contents of The Journal of Headache and Pain and SpringerPlus. The qualified international profile of the Faculty guarantees the excellence of the formative offer.

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