The Enrico Greppi Award 2017 – 19th Edition

The Italian Society for the Study of Headaches (SISC) announces the competition of the Enrico Greppi Award
2017– 19th Edition. The award will be granted to the best unpublished original paper dealing with clinical,
epidemiological, genetic, pathophysiological or therapeutic aspects of headache. The prize amounts to € 10,000
and is open to researchers of all nationalities. The papers must be submitted in accordance with the editorial
instructions of The Journal of Headache and Pain. The winning article will be published ex officio in The
Journal of Headache and Pain within three months of the award presentation. The remaining papers are
considered as submitted to The Journal of Headache and Pain and may be published after undergoing the
journal’s standard peer-review process. The 2017 Award is endorsed by the European Headache Federation
(EHF). The winner will be invited to present the paper at the 11th European Headache Federation Congress, to be held in Rome on 1 – 3 December 2017.

THE ENRICO GREPPI AWARD 2017 – 19th Edition